Friday, August 31, 2012

This post has been mentally composed for a while now.

Not too long ago I would have been astounded that a mere two days of class a week can take so much out of someone. Today I didn't even want to go anywhere, just spend some time in my nice cool apartment and spend some quiet time with my knitting.

Of course I still haven't figured out what that means I should do.

I could: start knitting Jo's Pride.
But first: I'd have to finish up Radiance, to free up the size 5 circs.

I could: start knitting Amy's socks.
But first: I'd have to learn how to start a toe-up sock using a crochet chain. This technique I had promised to practice first by knitting a topdown hat for my mother.

I could: knit a self-designed sweater.
But first: I'd have to design it. Sigh.

I could: knit more on Pickle's socks.
But first: I'd have to... reconcile myself to knitting more on Pickle's socks.

Wait. Tomorrow is Saturday, isn't it? Dang.

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