Saturday, August 3, 2013


Last week I made a DIY lightbox for taking better pictures.

I used this tutorial. The process is extremely simple - take a large box, cut light panels into the sides, cover the sides with tissue paper, insert a piece of white posterboard for a nice smooth backdrop, and place under a light source.

I adore the clean, simple backgrounds that the lightbox gives me now... but it still doesn't help with my color inaccuracy problem. This laceweight, for example -

- should be a deep rich emerald. Instead, it looks blue-gray. (It looks blue-gray to you too, right? It isn't just my monitor?)

I also tried retaking photos of all the yarn I got in Reno, but since most of the colors didn't come out much better than the first set I took, I'll only show you the one that does look true to life now.