Saturday, August 3, 2013


Last week I made a DIY lightbox for taking better pictures.

I used this tutorial. The process is extremely simple - take a large box, cut light panels into the sides, cover the sides with tissue paper, insert a piece of white posterboard for a nice smooth backdrop, and place under a light source.

I adore the clean, simple backgrounds that the lightbox gives me now... but it still doesn't help with my color inaccuracy problem. This laceweight, for example -

- should be a deep rich emerald. Instead, it looks blue-gray. (It looks blue-gray to you too, right? It isn't just my monitor?)

I also tried retaking photos of all the yarn I got in Reno, but since most of the colors didn't come out much better than the first set I took, I'll only show you the one that does look true to life now.


  1. That's really clever. My husband uses a huge white bucket on its side, though he does also have a formal lightbox. But the bucket works well. I do think that one skein looks bluish-gray but there is dark green in it too. It's all beautiful yarn in any case. :)

  2. Green is really tricky! I've heard that having something green in the background helps to make it look more green - it must pick up the colour?? Great idea to make a light box though.

  3. on my screen it's emerald-ish, but also gray-ish :( I love the setup and the tutorial! thank you for the link! the pictures already look very professional!

  4. your photos turned out great! the lightbox really seems to do the trick to get the colors to come out more natural; too bad i don't have space for a lighbox (unless i'd destash... which isn't an option. haha) so i'll just stick to my daylight lamp - it's not perfect but the colors are much more realistic than under 'normal' indoor conditions ;)