Sunday, August 26, 2012

Packing up.

Apparently the correct way to convince Bandit to buy an airtight yarn storage container is to show him the previous blog post.

"Okay, we'll go out today and get you a storage container. A great big one."
"No, I just need a little one."
"A great big one!"
"Noooo, little one."
"A great big one, that you'll have to fill up with more yarn."

I did end up picking up more yarn at the fiber festival. The festival was smaller than I'd expected (much, much smaller than the Estes Park Wool Market) and most of the booths, to Amy's profound disappointment, seemed to be geared more towards spinners than knitters. (It only took the sight of a batt with sparkles in it to persuade her to learn how to spin too, someday.) However, I did purchase a shawl pin, a removable stitch marker, and these lovelies:

The caked sock yarn is destined to become socks for Amy, to match the fingerless gloves she plans to knit from the skein she bought (same colorway but with sparkles). The laceweight I have no plans for yet. Bandit found it first and ambushed me with it. Alpaca/silk/cashmere laceweight - this man has picked up an uncanny amount regarding my yarn preferences. The yarn was just too soft and beautiful to pass up, but it'll go into the longer-term stash storage here.

Afterwards we purchased a container. I'm glad Bandit didn't let me get the smaller container I wanted, because it turns out my yarn takes up more space than I thought:

Once I took out the yarn I plan to bring back with me, and added the unfinished sweater:

The stash is now packed away nice and snug. I still need to pack up the rest of my things before I fly out this afternoon. I'm putting it off and trying hard not to think about it, as if it would prolong my stay here.

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