Saturday, August 25, 2012

Socks Saturday: A copout.

The past few days have been very busy. I've been on four flights in the space of a week, and while I usually relish plane time as free knitting time, this time I've just been... exhausted. As such, Pickle's sock (yes, still the first one) has just recently had its heel turned. In lieu of taking a picture, I encourage you to envision last week's picture, only with a heel on it.

Instead, here's a picture of what has been giving me no small amount of worry:

That, my friends, is a suitcase full of yarn and paraphernalia. This is part of the yarn living at Bandit's apartment. (There's also his unfinished sweater, which lives in its own drawer and is probably staying here for a while.) I'm clearly going to have to bring at least some of this yarn back with me. But I also have clothes here that need to come back in that suitcase. And I only have the one suitcase. This means... some of the yarn will have to stay here.

How do you make a decision like this? How do you tell a perfectly innocent skein of cashmere or merino, "Sorry, you're lovely but I just can't see myself knitting you up in the next few months"? How do you tell the laceweight you once loved, "We had something special, but these days I just have to focus on putting my sock knitting first"? How can you relegate yarn to being "the other stash"?

More importantly... how do I convince Bandit to buy an airtight storage container to store the yarn I leave behind? And should I refrain from promptly buying even more yarn (to keep the rest of the stash company!) at the sheep and wool festival we're going to this afternoon?

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