Saturday, August 4, 2012

Socks Saturday: Ravellenics Day 9

Today is the precise midpoint of the Ravellenics (and the Olympics). It'd be fair to say that I've started getting a more accurate idea of how much I can actually knit over seventeen days. Two pairs of socks, a shawl, and various WIPs to be picked up or taken apart? Turns out that's just a tad ambitious, even for me.

What I do think I can get done in seventeen days, though:

I'm starting to get worried about running out of yarn to finish these, so I placed the first sock on my spare size 1s (the bamboo needles. I haven't knitted anything with them yet because I fear they'll snap. Heck, I've already started bending my steel 1s just from regular use). Then I dug out the other end of the yarn from the center of the cake, and cast on the second sock. I figure I'll knit up to the same point, then see how much of the cake I have left and whether I'll need to find some different yarn for contrasting toes.

I've never actually knit from the center of a cake before. Only ever from the outside. I'm not sure I like this - the yarn tends to overtwist much faster when knitting from the center, and I'm constantly worried that the cake will just collapse in on itself as I keep knitting. As it is, the gutted cake is currently just a thick-squished shell of a cylinder, with a hollow in the center large enough for me to fit my wrist through.

Looking back on these socks, though, it's still hard to envision just how much time I've actually invested into them. I still have the mental estimation of "oh, they're socks, they're small, just a few hours". Maybe I should time my knitting sometime.

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