Saturday, August 11, 2012

Socks Saturday: Done!

As of 10:30 MDT last night, I am done with these socks.

Well, except for washing and blocking and weaving in ends. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Vital Stats
(I got to wondering, while I was knitting these, just how much time and stitchery went into them to make them seem this interminable.)

Sock Size: 12EEEE
Knitting Timespan: 15 days
Knitting Speed: Around 28 st/min on stockinette, around 24 st/min for ribbing. This meant that most rounds of 96 st took me 5 minutes at full speed.
Number of Stitches: ...Oh boy. Let's do a little math.
Cast-on: 96 st
Cuff Garter Rib (30 rows): 2880
Cuff Plain Rib (25 rows): 2400
Heel Flap (50 rows of 48 st): 2400
Heel Turn: 275 (I won't detail what kind of mental contortions I went through to produce this number.)
Gusset: 3458 (ditto.)
Foot (60 rows): 5760
Toe: 1464
...leaving 24 stitches (12 on each needle) to Kitchener, which I'm not sure how to count. Let's call it 24. This results in a total of 18757 stitches.

Per sock.

Since I did indeed knit two socks, that means I've knit 37514 stitches over the past fifteen days. A rough estimate of time and speed based on this would suggest that I spent (at least!) 1875 minutes, or 31 and a quarter hours on these socks. (Probably much, much more, since I don't spend very much time at my full knitting speed.)

And now that these socks are finally done and duly entered for Ravellenic consideration, I'm free to pick up the Radiance shawl again, or work on Luna's birthday present, or -

Or something even larger and more unwieldy than what I just finished, yes -

Fine. I surrender.

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  1. Great socks! I have never been brave enough to calculate how long a project takes me, probably because it will scare me!

    That next project looks exciting! beads!!