Monday, August 27, 2012

Itchy fingers.

I'm starting to resent this sock. Really. It took me around 10 days to knit a pair of my own socks. It took 14 days to knit Bandit's pair. It's now my eleventh day on this project, and this sock stubbornly refuses to cooperate with me. I've taken it on four flights. Today I even took it to the DMV. Nothing.

It even refuses to be photographed nicely.

And I feel pretty terrible because this is a birthday gift for my best friend, and shouldn't that mean that I should be more diligent about putting effort into it, not to mention refraining from griping about it somewhere he's bound to read (eventually)? Instead I'm just daydreaming about more interesting projects. Amy's lace socks, for instance - I plan to knit those toe-up two at a time, with a short-row heel instead of a heel flap, and definitely making sure there's a pattern over the top of the foot so that I won't have to endure the same interminable slog of miles and miles of stockinette. Or Jo's Pride, which I still haven't cast on yet, because Radiance is still on the size 5 circs. Or a cardigan for myself, for which I've already bought yarn and a cute button and just have to find the perfect pattern. Heck, I could even spend a merry hour or two frogging and rewinding the really old, hibernating WIPs.

My fingers are so itchy for something new that I can't decide what, if anything, is really intrinsically gripping me the most. Maybe it's just sock burnout reasserting itself in full force, or maybe I just feel better if I have several projects going at once. Or maybe it's just this sock.


  1. And you were offering to knit even more socks for me at the festival. :P You are the silliest.

  2. Sorry to hear it is fighting you!! I would add another WIP to the mix, you might finish it faster that way!

  3. It is okay if you do something else for a while! I am not in a rush for socks - it is currently sandal season and will be for at least another month or so.