Saturday, May 18, 2013

Socks Saturday: Halfway there.

After a sustained effort on Thursday, powering through the last of the toe decreases, I've finally finished the first of Amy's long-promised socks.

It's taken longer than I care to admit to find both the right pattern for this yarn and the right sizing to use as much of it up without going over. Slide by Cookie A manages to hit the right balance of interest and simplicity.

Best of all, the pattern doesn't eat up yarn the way cables or fussier patterns do. I managed to finish the sock with just a little bobbin to spare!

Now I just have to get through the second one...


  1. Oh I MUST knit myself a pair of these! I've been all about the swirly patterns lately, so needless to say, you've inspired me! Go you for using most of the yarn, that is amazing.

  2. These are really cool. The yarn is beautiful and I love the pattern, it's so interesting.

  3. These looks like great socks, and nice work on using up all the yarn!

  4. Hope when this comment reaches you that your second sock is finished, as these are too lovely for only one. :)