Thursday, May 2, 2013

Canadian yarn.

"Oh, oh," I told Bandit yesterday evening, over GTalk. "I have yarn!"

"Yarn?" he typed back. "Where did you get yarn from? Is it purple yarn?"

"It is purple yarn," I replied, "and it's from Canada."

"Oh no."

"Oh no?"

"That is why it snowed."


Blown in yesterday along with the (really unreasonable amounts of) snow, was this much-anticipated package from Canada. (Addresses obviously smudged out.) What did it contain, you ask?

Not two days after posting the aubergine poll, I realized that in fact I already had the perfect yarn to knit this shawl.

Several years ago, when I was a beginning knitter still just dipping my toes into the world of nice yarn, a very generous knitter in Canada took my facetious request to take some of her stash off her hands seriously. She sent me some lovely variegated red-purple laceweight. A little abashed, I asked her how I should repay her, or should I maybe trade her something from my stash. She told me not to worry about paying her back. She said I should pay it forward instead.

I knew I wanted to make something lovely and meaningful out of that yarn. It's waited patiently in my stash for almost two and a half years. Now it's reemerged, and I'm thinking, how fitting it would be to take the kindness-gift that was given to me and work it into the kindness-gift that benefits a charity.

The problem was, that skein only had half the yardage I needed. So I scoured online yarn stores for more, and found none. Then I searched the yarn tabs on Ravelry until I found the single listing that was for sale or trade. I contacted its owner, and we quickly came to an arrangement that resulted in another skein of yarn being sent to me by another very kind lady from Canada.

And now I have yarn. Sufficient yarn, even! It's a little darker in real life than shown in this photo, but still, I'll probably overdye it with a little bit of dark gray and blue to get it to the perfect shade. As soon as I can get all my dyeing stuff in the same place (half of it is in Utah!) I can cast on. I'm beading the very outer edge, so I can knit most of the shawl before addressing the matter of choosing the right beads - perhaps a transparent pale gold, or a muted lilac?

Oh yes, I should mention. The pattern that the recipient chose is Vostok by Beth Kling.

I am really excited to get this started.


  1. Oh my. That shawl is just gorgeous and it will be perfect in that yarn. I cannot wait to see this.

  2. What a gorgeous shawl, I'm sure it will be beautiful in the colour you plan to use! Can't wait to see it!

  3. The colour is lovely and will look great knit into that shawl.
    As for the yarn bringing nasty weather, I don't know where in Canada it came from but curiously the weather here in the Ottawa Valley has been fantastic this week.

    1. As it happens, the yarn came from a little town in Ontario, just an hour away from Ottawa. Explains a lot, doesn't it?

      Do you live in Canada? Your handle led me to believe that you lived in Australia.