Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The state of things.

I think that I might be having one of those periods where nothing is coming out right. Whether it's mistakes in counting, or yarn that's refusing to cooperate, or mismatches between the yarn and pattern, or missing supplies... nothing is really working.

Today I frogged what little I had worked so far of my mother's hat, and started in on a new pattern, Carina. It's beautiful and elegant, and written specifically for this yarn.

I love the pattern of the lace inset, though it doesn't look like much just yet.

The knitting is the most even and neat that I've managed for weeks, and the yarn is a dream to work with. Which means, of course, that I would knit nearly twenty-five rows before I noticed that the hat is too small to actually wear.

Sigh. Time to frog it all back again...

1 comment:

  1. argh I hate it when you have a run of bad luck. Good luck sorting it out, I'm sure it will be worth it....