Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sad Sock Saturday

This is what ten hours of progress on a sock looks like:

I'm knitting a (somewhat modified) pair of Spring Forward socks for Amy, to match the Hand Springs I gave her earlier this summer. Saying that it's been difficult is putting it a bit lightly.

My first attempt was with the recommended CO of 66 stitches, though I was somewhat skeptical. I quickly verified that this was way too small. For my second attempt, I decided to knit a patterned front and a plain stockinette back to accommodate a CO of 72 stitches. I knit several rows into the heel flap before I realized I was knitting the flap pattern wrong. My heel turn was off center. My gusset decreases were mysteriously uneven. And finally, when I presented the half-finished sock to Amy, to let her try it on... it was still too small. It wouldn't fit over her heel.

I horrified her by frogging the whole thing right then and there.

This time I have a full 88 stitches cast on, and I intend the third time to be the charm. It's past time to reclaim my knitting mojo.

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