Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It's a cold, gray, rainy day.

Perfect time to take a long, hot shower, then curl up with an audiobook and some knitting.

Today's the day for Radiance. Even the name is apt. I've been "just finishing up" Radiance for a while now. I've actually knit past where the pattern would have me bind off, because I'd like to use up all the laceweight. I'm terrible at thinking up little things to knit that would use up half-skein remainders, and besides, I like largish shawls. So I'm putting on some extra rows at the end, and carefully weighing my remaining yarn after each row to watch for when I should start casting off.

I love my yarn scale. It was a fairly inexpensive postage/kitchen scale, and it's been invaluable for determining how much yardage I have left in partially used skeins. You take a look at the original yardage and weight listed for one skein, weigh how much you have left, do a little division and there you go. No more guessing.

Currently I'm using an average of one gram of yarn per row, and anticipating using three grams for the picot bind-off. Considering how much yarn I have left... these extra few rows may turn out to be quite a lot. I may have to do an increase row, to make a ruffle with more stitches per row. Good thing my audiobook is 43 hours long.

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