Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One at a time.

After this weekend's frogfest, I'm actually finding it quite relaxing to have only one WIP to worry about. Radiance is the only thing on the needles right now, and and it's almost done - just ten (very long) rows to go! It looks like I'll have quite a bit of the second cake of Malabrigo lace left over, which makes me wonder whether I should tack on an extra row or two to the shawl before casting off.

Next up? Well, my mother's birthday is later this month, so I've started swatching for the hat I plan to knit for her.

The yarn is Road To China Light by The Fiber Company, and it's a gorgeously soft blend of alpaca, silk, camel and cashmere. In the background is the black 100% angora yarn that I want to work in to the headband. For this hat I'm not following a pattern, just going to cut my teeth on Judy's Magic Cast-On at the top and increase on my way down. I'm trying out a couple different cable widths in the swatch, and all of them come out very nicely - soft, but still defined.

And after that? Probably socks.

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