Thursday, July 19, 2012


The camera charge cable finally got here, and yesterday I might have gone just a little bit crazy taking pictures to update my Rav stash and projects.

That's how much progress I had made on Radiance at the beginning of yesterday. (I cast on late enough on Tuesday night that I couldn't really get going and zip through all those short beginning rows.) Also pictured: the tin of tea I picked up at Blazing Needles (Bandit has no hot water kettle at his apartment. This will be rectified.) and the row counter that Kay graciously gave me when she learned I didn't have one. Up until now I've been using scratch paper and tally marks to keep track of rows and note down pattern alterations, especially for things like socks, gloves and sleeves where I want to make sure that the second item matches the first. For a shawl, though, the row counter is strictly superior. Easier to read, easier to update, and easier to keep with my project without worrying about missing or exploding pens.

Then this morning I read up a little on photography, especially photographing yarn.

This was what I thought was the best out of five shots. I'm still having a little trouble determining what a "good picture" looks like, but at least I can endeavor to avoid taking awful ones.

The Radiance pattern, by the way? Still loving it. The designer has really gone out of her way to make it clear, easy to read, and accessible to beginnners. There are no charts, but there are three different versions of the written pattern - one version interspersed with pictures of the FO, one printer-friendly version with no pictures, and one line-by line checklist with stitch counts on the increase rows and helpful percentage tallies. I would highly recommend this for anyone's first lace shawl project. (Hi Amy!)

Also... the Malabrigo. Mmm, Malabrigo.


  1. beautiful project, may have to add it to my que..I think the photo's great and the grain of the wood radiates!!

    1. Thank you! Would love to see more knitters try out this pattern.