Monday, July 16, 2012


- The time-warping properties of this sock.

It took me one day to knit the body of this sock. It will probably take me another full day to knit the toe.

- My camera.

Right now I'm taking pictures of everything with my cell phone camera, and touching them up in Paint Shop Pro. There's something... odd that happens to pictures in this process.
1) I take the above picture with my toes pointing up.
2) Then I email it to myself. In the preview, the toes are pointing up.
3) But in the large view, the toes are pointing left.
4) I download and open up the file, and the toes point left.
5) I work some photomagic on it, including turning the picture 90 degrees so the toes point up.
6) Then I save and upload it, and the toes are pointing... right.
7) I proceed to use Photobucket's software to turn the picture 90 degrees back again so the toes are pointing up.
8) I save it. Then I look at it again. The toes are still pointing right.
9) I repeat step 7. Only then does the picture behave and stay the way it's supposed to.

Every single time. Every. Single. Time. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the camera charge cable that Bandit ordered so that I can just steal his camera and bypass all this fuss.

- Not having my yarn-weighing scale with me. I still have a good portion of one cake of Smooshy left. If I knew exactly what percent of the original skein it was, I could calculate whether it's enough to knit Pickle's socks out of, and that would free up the entire second cake for a Traveling Companion.

- My great and terrible yarn hunger.

I want more yarn. I want all the yarn. I want shimmery handpainted laceweight, I want crazy-colored self-striping sock yarn, I want snuggly alpaca sportweight, I want sturdy heathered DK, I want squishy rovinglike bulky yarn. I don't know why I want all the yarn. I shouldn't have all the yarn. I won't do anything with all the yarn. I just... want it.

Damn, I thought that was a phase that I could experience once, when I learned about stashes, and never have to go through again.

At least tomorrow there's another trip to the LYSes planned with Bandit and Amy, and I'll be able to squish all the yarn. Hopefully that'll take the edge off long enough for me to be sensible at the register.

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