Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh dear.

I've gotten sucked into a KAL that starts on Friday.

Jo's Pride Hooded Shawl was simply too beautiful to pass by. Maybe under normal circumstances I would have faved it and left it for a few months while I thought it over. But somehow, knowing that other people were going to be knitting it together... well, it made me buy the pattern, just to take a look at it. And then I started thinking about color combinations. And now I have four skeins of Cascade fingering sitting in the living room, 600 seed beads in the mail, a designated recipient for the FO, and an urgent need to finish up Radiance as fast as I can in order to free up my size 5 circs.

Radiance, by the way, is barely 35% finished. I'm starting to worry that I've seriously underestimated the amount of time and work that each FO requires.

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