Monday, August 25, 2014

Knitting Confessions #2.

Like most things in the world, knitting has a set of rules and conventions. Sometimes, we knitters break them. This is my knitting confession.

Confession #2: I'm a process knitter.

I realize many of you will nod along, completely able to relate, and perhaps even wondering why this even counts as a confession. Believe me, it does. I'm not "more of a process knitter", I'm not "mostly a process knitter", or anything else of the sort. I'm a process knitter. I knit things because I need to have things on hand to knit at all times. Looking through yarns and patterns excites me, having yarn and needles in my hands calms me, and having a finished object makes me feel proud and accomplished.

Then the project comes off the blocking board and...

I can't even tell you where most of my FOs are at the moment. They never get worn. They scarcely even get looked at. I knit things because I fall in love with the pattern, not because I need to wear or use them.

This may be why, even though I am in complete sympathy with selfish knitters, I usually end up deciding to knit things for other people instead. I know they'll probably get more practical use out of my knits than I will.

Knitting Confessions

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  1. Thanks for joining again!

    I really enjoy the knitting process, but I also really really enjoy finishing a project and showing it off. I love how differently we all enjoy the craft!

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I love the way in which you describe exactly why you are a process knitter (although I always enjoy reading your posts because you are so wonderfully articulate!). All your projects turn out so beautifully, I'm sure that they find loving homes pretty quickly.

  3. Lol that is funny ;) I don't think I've been knitting long enough to know. Though yesterday I was in the hospital waiting room and finished a project. I decided to rip out the last two rows and redo the ending and cast off. I HAD RUN OUT OF KNITTING. I finished in the recovery room and I was glad I had it, ;)

  4. I can understand this and I also understand your sympathy with "selfish" knitters. When I first started crocheting, some people were actually kind of nasty about it because they felt I should be giving everything away and that making things for myself was wrong. But the main reason I was doing it was because I just really liked the process in the beginning. I didn't care as much about the things I was making. I kept them because I was proud of what I'd learned to do, but eventually I became more confident at it and was able to feel good about giving things away, knowing I'd practiced enough to create good things.

  5. I am a process knitter myself, if I keep my project it ends up in my closet and I rarely use it, if I give it away I cannot remember who I gave it to. It is the act of knitting and crocheting I need to do.

  6. As the self professed selfish knitter, I have a horrible time even understanding what you are saying. As much as it doesn't relate to me, I respect your knitting style. I'm glad someone out there is knitting for other people. The population as a whole might be a lot nicer if there were more knitted gifts being passed around. Glad you and others are doing it, cause I sure as heck am not. lol

    She Knits in Pearls