Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Some scattered things.

1) False alarm! My knitting isn't stressing me out. It's just the Hanami that's stressing me out. After meeting my daily quota, I picked up my Celestarium and knit a few rows, and it was pure delight.

I'm not sure why. The two projects would seem to be very similar - both stockinette with the occasional eyelet, both knit in 50/50 merino/silk. Maybe it's the very fact that Hanami is deadline knitting that makes it stressful.

2) I've started dreaming and plotting out future projects again. I blame the RemRants Official Unofficial Lace KAL - it made me start thinking about what lace projects I might enter. Obviously the Hanami and Celestarium qualify, but what beautiful, magnificent thing might I knit before the end of the summer that might take away a prize?

A Sheherazade/Dunyazade, knit in gold lace with ruby beads?

A Fire Dance in flame red with amber pearls?

Perhaps the Girasole I've been vaguely yearning to knit for a year or so?

Or perhaps the Sevillano I started late last summer and then frogged again when I lost my place in the pattern?

Perhaps I could take leave of my senses entirely and tackle one of these beasts!

3) I've finally migrated to Feedly; the built-in Blogger feed was just getting too unreliable. I like the clean interface so far, and the ability to mark what I've already read. We'll see how this goes.

4) My giveaway ends tomorrow! Make sure to get your entry in before then!


  1. These are all so beautiful! I can't choose a favorite. The Girasol is particularly intriguing to me, though. I stopped the battle with the Blogger feed a few months ago myself. I've been using Bloglovin', which is fine for me. I've looked at Feedly and it looks great. I think you'll find it much easier.

    1. I love all of them in different ways! Girasole, in a thicker yarn, would probably be the most practical, as a lap blanket or throw.

  2. Oh my goodness! The first and third shawls are especially lovely, I hadn't seen them before. You should KNIT ALL OF THEM. :)

    1. I do want to knit ALL THE SHAWLS! My problem is that I find beautiful new patterns faster than I can finish them!

  3. Wow! Someone has been bitten by the lace bug :) I love seeing the progress on your Hanami. So pretty! I also love the first shawl, and the Girasole when paired with your color options. I bet any of these would be beautiful!
    I'm also using Bloglovin' and it's been nice to have. Much easier than trying to save home links on my bookmark bar and visit that way. Hopefully Feedly will treat you well.