Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Notes from the road.

Well, not quite from the road yet. But today, I am flying out to the East Coast. A month or more spent away from my stash. And this is all the yarn I'm bringing with me:

...maybe not all. Maybe I should add some more.


  1. Keep in mind that you'll doubtless go on a few great yarn store outings while you're here. So if you're in need, you have a way out.

  2. Have a great trip, Kaiya. I agree, maybe pick up some more yarn while you're out there...

  3. Safe travels - and of course you'll need to pick up some souvenir yarn from the East. ;)

  4. Happy travels and I'd be taking a stash with
    me too. We took off to Italy a couple of months
    back....and yes....I took a stash too.
    Happy knitting.

  5. Looks like some great projects in there. If you are away from stash and need more, its a great excuse to yarn shop....

  6. Have a great trip! and I agree with the previous commenters: it's always a good opportunity (ahem, excuse) to buy more yarn :) happy knitting ;)