Friday, June 27, 2014

FO: Storm Warning 2 (Nuriel)

Started: June 11, 2014

Finished: June 25, 2014

Yarn/yardage used: Mountain Colors Jeannette (65% cashmere, 35% silk), 158 yards (exactly one skein)

Needles: Size 6 circulars

I don't think I have much to say about this, other than:
1. This pattern isn't so bad when you have a relatively small skein of yarn that won't drag the project out into the dozens of repeats and hundreds of garter stitches.
2. I used up every inch of this yarn.
3. This yarn feels like knitting with a newborn kitten.

(Also, I seem to have misplaced my big box of pins, so the border leaves aren't being blocked as neatly as I'd like.)


  1. It is exquisite! I love the color you did a fantastic job.

  2. It's beautiful, Kaiya. I really love this color.

  3. I love everything about this shawl - the pattern, the color, the beads and your comment about the yarn ('knitting with a newborn kitten'). I imagine that it's an accurate description of a cashmere/silk yarn although I've never knitted with that kind of yarn

  4. it's beautiful!! 'knitting with a newborn kitten' is probably the most awesome way you could describe something :D

  5. Grgeous! Maybe eventually I'll have the courage to add beads to my knitting.